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The ten-day celebration of klezmer music predominantly played by nearly 100 klezmer musicians from all over the United States and Europe.

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A Klez Shot For The Ages

A half-century later, more than 100 musicians were present for the Eldridge Street photo at the invitation of Yale Strom, violinist, Yiddishist, photographer, filmmaker and, now, organizer of perhaps the largest gathering of Jewish music talent in one place since the decline of the Borscht Belt.
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"Scores of klezmer musicians descended on the Lower East Side last Friday to be photographed on the steps of the Eldridge Street Synagogue.

Organized by musician Yale Strom, the “Great Day on Eldridge Street” photo shoot was timed to coincide with the shul's 120th anniversary. "


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"Rise and Shine

What happens when 100 klezmer musicians from around the world gather for a photo op? "
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At 10am on a sunny day in August 1953, 57 famous jazz musicians stood on 126th Street in Harlem for an iconic group photo called "A Great Day in Harlem." 50 years (and a month or two) later, over 100 klezmer musicians from all over the world paid homage to that photo, to the spirit of Jewish New York, to each other, and to the Eldridge Street Synagogue , the "first great house of worship built on the Lower East Side by Eastern European Jews."
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Oct 12, 2007. Yale Strom amasses a crowd of Klezmer musicians for a photo shot on the steps of the newly rennovated Eldreidge Street Synagogue in New York City. As the shoot finishes, Yale, Michael Alpert, Yankl Falk and others break into the Yiddish song, "Ale Brider" (We're all brothers). Presnt are Theo Bikel, Frank London, Don Byron, Alicia Svigals... just about everybody involved in the revival of Klezmer music.

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Eldridge Street Project Klezmer March & Concert
Created by Bill

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Klezmer Parade New York Lower East Side
Created by TwoHeroes


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