Biro Shul

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YALE STROM began taking photographs when he embarked on his first trek to Eastern Europe in 1981 in search of remnant Jewish culture. Henceforth he returned to Eastern Europe over sixty times and always brought his cameras with him. In particular Strom has an amazing archive of photos that depicts Jewish life in Eastern Europe during the last decade of communism including, portraits, Jewish rituals, synagogues and cemeteries that no longer exist. He has had photo-exhibits in Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel, Canada and the United States. His photographs are part of private collections as well as museums in Europe, America, Canada and Israel. Over the years his photo-ethnography has broaden and encompasses Central & East European Ashkenazic, Balkan and Sephardic Jewish cultures, Birobidzhan Jewish life, East European Rom culture (including Sweden), Khasidim of Brooklyn, minority immigrant youth in the United States, Rom culture in Queens, New York and coming-of-age celebrations of Mexican-American, Afro-American, Jewish-American and Italian-American youth.

Strom has over 25,000 negatives (mostly black and white) and a small but rare collection of archival photos of klezmer musicians. The photos are available for purchase or can be licensed to be used. Contact him at

This photo caption should say: The synagogue built in 1932. (photo taken in 2000