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yale stromI am a children's author, musician and filmmaker. I have  done an extensive amount of research among the Jewish and Rom (Gypsy) communities in Central and Eastern Europe over the last twenty-five years. I am considered one of the world's leading authorities on these subjects. My research has turned into 12 books, 7 documentary films, 13 recordings, 2 plays and numerous photo exhibitions. My website will give you more detail about his work.

My first children's illustrated book "The Wedding That Saved A Town" (Kar-Ben) was published Sept. 2008. The Jewish tale is based upon field research Yale did in Poland among informants and archives. The story is based upon true events. When there was a terrible cholera epidemic and prayers, fasting and throwing lime into the streets worked to no avail to stop the disease and multitude of deaths then the rabbi thought of one more possible thing the people could do to assuage God and end the plague. In many East European towns when cholera and typhus ran rampant and all else failed they married two orphans in a cemetery in a ceremony called a "shvartse khasene" a black wedding. The ceremony with all the townspeople and musicians would celebrate the wedding in a cemetery. Bringing two of the loneliest people in Gods' eyes in marriage might help life the plague. And in my book sure enough the plague ended two weeks later.

The program I propose for your school ( K- 5th grades) is a reading of my book with live music. I am a professional klezmer violinist and after the reading I take questions and comments from the students then play klezmer and Gypsy melodies. This is a 45 minute program.

I have another book I wrote called "Uncertain Roads: Searching for the Gypsies" (MacMillian Books). In this book I interviewed Rom kids from 8 - 18 years living in Central and Eastern Europe. This book has photographs of all of the kids I interviewed. After reading the short history section and interviews I perform Rom (Gypsy) folk music and tell the students how and why music is such an important part of Rom culture. This program is good for 3rd - 12 grade. I can also augment the program and speak about how you do photo-journalism. This would be for 5th grade and up. This is a 45 minute program.

Lastly I wrote a book called "Quilted Landscapes: Voices of Immigrant Youth in America Today" (Simon and Schuster). This book contains interviews from immigrant ( 7 -18 yrs.) from across the United States. This books has photographs I took of all of the kids I interviewed. After reading and taking questions and comments I then play folk music from some of the various countries where these children were born. This is a 45 minute program.

Currently I am artist-in-residence at San Diego State University in the Jewish Studies Program. I have had much experience reading and playing music for kids literally around the world. I  have taught in elementary, middle and high schools in NYC.

 My fee for each program is $500.00 plus transportation (train, air, car) and if I have to stay overnight a hotel and meals per diem. 

I look forward to hearing from you.
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