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Your weekend was a fabulous success. Many people have thanked me for bringing you to Adat Ari El. I have always found you very easy to work with, and I have enjoyed watching you grow artistically over the twenty years we have worked together. Your concert was one if the best Adat Ari El has ever presented. Your violin playing was so passionate and filled with different colors and styles; all within the Klezmer tradition. Elizabeth has really become a treasure - such a beautiful voice with such a range of dynamics and colors. Finally, the band was so tight. Just great from beginning to end.
Cantor Ira Biegeleisen, Adat Ariel, Los Angeles
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Dear Yale, Thank you for this wonderful evening of yesterday. You are lucky not only find a proper place in Frankel Leo Synagogue (Budapest), but very good musicians who were able to play with you. During the concert I was thinking how Eastern European Jews have to be thankful for you. This culture would have disappeared without your trips, researches, collections and performances. I was wondering what motivated an American fellow to come here and collect a forgotten culture. Even the small Eastern European Jewish communities do not care about that. The trauma of Holocaust razed the past Jewish culture from the memory of people, even of the Jews. It is a mistake. So, thank you again and keep your path, all the best,
Judith (film producer), ,
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Howdy Yale-- I got thru on the internet, left you a message on myspace. thanx. All the best
Ben Levin, ,
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Hi Yale, I talk to you after the concert in Fürth + told about the good museum in Nuernberg. Here is the link: On the english page you can find: Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It is a good museum, it shows, how "the Nazi Thing" could happen. Maybe you can visit it,if you are next time in Nuernberg or Fürth. If you like I can show you nuernberg. Have a good time Holger
Holger, Germany,
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Great website,its wonderfull to see how much you have done with your life.I wonder if you remember visiting Cornwall!A long time ago with Yale?I have found some old photos of you visiting Tintagil castle.A long time ago since Michigan,yes Im Toms daughter,and Im delighted to visit your web site. Lynn
lynn whalley, , uk
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Limmud Contact; I need to purchase some sort of Klezmer Minus One type of music and CD - what do you recommend?
Jeff Kaplan, NY, USA
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Well done.
Eric J. Ellman, DC,
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my wife and I saw your concert today at the Hudson River Museum, it was just wonderful, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and were sorry to have the concert end.
peter, new york,
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sorry to have missed you in warsaw on the sunday, but went to the concert the following sunday for about 4 hours, and loved every min of it. love Mike & Jane ps love to your wife
michael lynch, cardiff cf5 5bs, wales u.k
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Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic workshop on last sunday. I had a lot of fun, though I didn´t hear myself, because the trumpet and the saxophons were much louder than my flute:-) Maybe it was so great therefore. I didn´t hear how bad I played :-)) I hope you are still alive, living with my mother is not so nice, especially when she wants to cook. Did you find the things you searched for in the archives? Greetings from Germany, Sarah (I´m sorry, that I´m writing that into the guestbook, but I haven´t got an email-adress)
Sarah Jacob, Germany,
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I rarely feel compelled to publicly express an opinion of a personal experience but I feel the urge to do so now, after last night’s performance by Yale Strom and Hot P’strami at the Lyceum Theater in San Diego. Though I grew up in an immigrant European Jewish home I had very little experience with traditional Jewish music and wasn’t aware of Klezmer music until, as an adult, I attended a small party in an old L.A loft. A band there produced music that I found familiar and foreign, joyous and melancholy, sounds that mysteriously and unexpectedly produced a sense of connection to my roots, a revelation. Some years later I attended a presentation of Carpati, a film by Yale Strom that involves the Carpathian mountain region that my family is from. After the film was shown, Yale played his violin. I enjoyed both the film and the music and remember wishing that Yale had played more. About a dozen years have past and I had an opportunity recently to hear Yale and his band at a folk music festival. The performance was terrific and it ultimately led me to acquire some recordings of his music and suggest to some friends that we attend his performance at the 8th Annual Klezmer Summit. The evening started well with a rousing performance by Klezmer Juice a Latin influenced band out of L.A. After an intermission it was time for Yale and his band. At first I was surprised that the percussion instruments on the stage were Caribbean in origin and as the musicians made their appearance I was slightly disappointed that the accordion that produced such interesting riffs on many of the recordings was not among the instruments. But then the music started and the rest is hard to describe. I was tremendously impressed with each and every musician’s ability and contribution to the whole. Their solos were terrific displays of musicianship and they combined to produce a complex blending of sound that evoked a wide range of emotions. In the constraints of theater seating I found my toes taping furiously to the beat I caught myself smiling non-stop throughout the performance but I also felt my throat constrict at times during sorrowful passages. At the core of all of this were the incredible evocative virtuosity of Yale’s fiddle playing and the amazing richness of Elizabeth Schwartz’s voice. Yale produced sounds that I had never heard produced by anything like a violin and he played with such clarity, inventiveness and technical proficiency that its hard to come up with the appropriate superlatives but breathtaking is a good hint. And Elizabeth, WOW, with a voice that could tear your heart out. A big voice that is capable of the most delicate tenderness, full bore earthiness, sultry and sexy and the anguish that I heard in my mothers voice when she described family members who had perished. What a performance, I was moved and thinking about it hours later. Yale, Elizabeth and the other wonderful musicians that comprise Hot P’stromi produced for me the most significant musical experience since I was fortunate enough to see and hear Janis Joplin, Jimmie Hendrix and John Mayall at Winterland in San Francisco nearly forty years ago. That’s saying something as far as I’m concerned.
Bob Schneider, CA, USA
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I am Jewish-I am proud of you.You do wonderful thinks for us.Thank you.
Lucy Lisowska, , Poland


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