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Strom's research has resulted in nine books (including The Last Jews of Eastern Europe and Uncertain Roads: Searching for the Gypsies. He was the first photographer since Roman Vishniac to publish photographs of Jews in the Eastern Bloc countries.

His books are available for purchase on the website's store.

The Book
of Klezmer

The history, the music, the folklore - from the 14th Century to the 21st

The Book of Klezmer traces the music’s entire history, making use of extensive documentary material; interviews with forgotten klezmorim as well as luminaries such as Theodore Bikel, Leonard Nimoy, Joel Grey, Andy Statman, and John Zorn; and dozens of illuminating, stirring, and previously unpublished photographs.

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The Book of Klezmer - cover.jpg

The absolutely complete klezMer songbook

Transcontinental Music Folios

Renowned ethnomusicologist, documentarian, and klezmer musician Yale Strom teamed up with Transcontinental Music to create an exhaustive compilation of nigunim, horas, bulgars , and more. This songbook features melody lines and chords for 313 songs including many collected from the field by Strom himself in Eastern Europe and published here for the first time, plus a number of exclusive, out-of-print lost treasures not available anywhere else. Strom also provides a thorough, extensive written history and perspective of klezmer, complete with a glossary and archival photos.

The Absolutely Complete Klezmer Songbook cover.jpeg

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A Wandering Feast

A Journey through the jewish culture of eastern europe

An original and uplifting view of a world lost, reborn, and rediscovered This is a delightful book that welcomes the reader to a wonderful journey through the Jewish culture of Eastern Europe: the still-vibrant villages and homes, the Yiddish folkways, the toe-tapping Klezmer music, and heart-warming traditional food. Yale Strom documented his journey--organized around fourteen specific visits to authentic villages in Eastern Europe--with a fascinating travelogue that includes inspiring stories, photographs, music that has never been printed, and recipes. He reveals that a culture long feared to be gone forever is still very much alive.

A Wandering Feast - cover.jpg

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The Art of Playing klezmer

Both a history of this popular form of traditional Jewish music and an instructional book for professional and amateur musicians. Since the revival of klezmer music in the United States in the mid-1970s, Yiddish songs and klezmer dance melodies have served as the soundtrack for a resurgence of interest in Ashkenazic Jewish culture across the globe. Klezmer has taken root not only in America’s major urban centers—New York City, Chicago, San Francisco—but also in emerging Jewish music hotspots like St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Krakow, and Tokyo. Its high energy, emotionally driven sound, and evocative Yiddish lyrics have found audiences everywhere.

Shpil The Art of Playing Klezmer.jpeg

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Shloyml boyml

and his lucky dreidel

The tal­ent­ed Klezmer musi­cian, (trom­bon­ist) Shloyml Boyml (Solo­mon Oil) from Buhuși, embarks on a long jour­ney to buy the best Israeli olive oil – the one thing need­ed for the Buhuși com­mu­ni­ty to once again stand vic­to­ri­ous in the year­ly Latke con­test. Will he man­age to bring the oil back home in time, or will he be stopped by the devi­ous Nebish broth­ers? In the end, it all comes down to a thrilling game of drey­dl! This sto­ry comes from the author’s exten­sive ethno­graph­ic research he has done over the last thir­ty years in East­ern Europe among the rem­nant Jew­ish com­mu­ni­ties. The sto­ry comes from a con­ver­sa­tion Strom had with the sex­ton of the syn­a­gogue in Pia­tra Nemt, Roma­nia about how Jews who could afford it would go to the city of Con­tansa and pur­chase olive oil made in Israel (then in the Ottoman Empire) to use for cook­ing and light­ing their Khanukias for the fes­ti­val of Khanuka.

Shloyml Boyml and His Lucky Dreydl.jpeg

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Dave Tarras

The King of Klezmer

This novel chronicles the life and work of the man who was hailed as "The Benny Goodman of klezmer". Scion of a musical family, Tarras learned his craft from his father and played at weddings for Jews and non-Jews in and around Ternovke, Russia - even playing in the Czarist army - up to World War One. He immigrated to America with his wife and after a brief stint as a furrier, began to make a living with his clarinet. He soon became the most acclaimed klezmer in the United States. From 1925 until his death in 1989, Dave Tarras set the standard for klezmer musicianship and virtuosity. Even the great be-bop artists Charlie Parker and Miles Davis traveled to the Catskills to study his technique. Written with full cooperation from the Tarras family, this book contains newly-discovered biographical material, rare photos, and 28 of Tarras' original klezmer tunes, arranged from his manuscripts for violin and/or Bb clarinet.

Dave Tarras The King of Klezmer.jpeg

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